Young Actor Headshot in Denver – Joey

Last week, I had the sincere pleasure of photographing this up-and-coming young actor from Denver, Joey! This kiddo is GOING places with acting.  Joey has a truly impressive resume for such a young age. He was wonderful in front of the camera – I can see why so many casting directors are choosing him to star in their films. Here is just a touch of his bio. Can’t wait for the next update acting headshot session, Joey!
Joey can be found on IMDB, and you can follow Joey on social media: instagram – @joeydeleon1111, and facebook – https://www.facebook.com/JoeyDeLeon1111/
Joey is most proud of the The Who’s Tommy theatre performance, his Centura Health Cookie Commercial and his first lead in a SAG film called Mothers. He played Ben who is shy and sad. It was quite opposite of his personality and his first film where he had a crying scene. It will be shown on the big screen on May 3rd.
Joey took his first acting class when he was 4. It was a theatre class and he has had the acting bug ever since. He has such a big personality and loves people. He was on his first set in Los Angeles when he was 5. He loves to go to LA and hopes to eventually book a feature or recurring role there.
Joey attends Hulstrom Elementary School which is a school for advanced and gifted learners. He does very well in school and actually started reading when he was 2! He had some speech difficulties due to his extreme prematurity so we taught him sign language. He was able to “read” words on flash cards and sign them to us. He is a first grader and has the ability to read and comprehend chapter books. This skill has helped him tremendously when it comes to memorizing and reading his scripts. He has a fantastic memory and can memorize several pages of script fairly easily.
He has certainly overcome a lot in his 7 years and he continues to strive to accomplish his goals. We are grateful to all his doctors, therapists and teachers who never gave up on him and believed he could overcome any physical disabilities.
Joey signed with Marbles Kids talent Agency when he was 4. He then met and signed with his manager, Stuart Stone in Feb 2017. We are hoping to eventually get him signed with an LA talent agency.
Some of his hobbies besides acting include playing the piano, freestyle dancing as well as tap dancing(he recently took his first waltz lesson), singing (he loves Bruno Mars) and he also likes to play basketball and soccer.

Eldeen Annette is a photographer in north Denver, Colorado for young actors pursuing film acting.  Book a session: http://eldeenannette.com

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