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Why choose Eldeen Annette for your Child Actor Headshot Photographer in Colorado?
There are about one bazillion photographers in the area that want you to book them for your young actor headshots in Denver, and all over the state of Colorado – how do you know that your casting directors, coaches, agencies, and most importantly, you will be happy with the results? You want acting headshots that will book jobs, show professionalism (casting directors need to know you are serious about this), reflect your child’s personality and possibilities as an actor, keep your kiddo looking their age, and also headshots that are fun, attractive, and will make directors smile and look a little longer. A headshot is literally the first impression a casting director usually gets – it needs to count!
I have decided to pursue, almost exclusively, for the past several years what it takes to make an outstanding headshot for young actors.  Through surveys from agencies, coaches around Denver and the LA area, casting directors, and parents whose kids are booking big jobs, I have intimate knowledge of what is needed in that first-impression headshot. I asked all kinds of questions to these experts, like what colors to wear (and what NOT to wear), styling, make-up preferences, Photoshop editing, backdrops, how important lighting is, expression, cropping, and even image orientation.  What I came away with after this extensive year of study is a solid understanding of how to create a headshot that is specifically directed toward young actors who are pursuing film acting.
Let’s talk a bit about casting directors.  Denver and Los Angeles casting directors can see literally thousands of headshots for one role. That’s tough competition. Your headshot and resume will very quickly determine if your child or teen actor is a possibility for the role, and many more headshots get quickly tossed into the “no” pile than the “maybe” pile.  Can the director feel a connection with the actor?  Can they imagine easily directing and trusting the young actor on set? Every tiny detail about a headshot will communicate the answers to this question and help the directors get a feel for the actor’s abilities, professionalism, personality, and possibilities.
Colorado Kid Acting Headshots
One of my main goals is to see each child’s unique qualities and highlight them in a headshot.  I love creating a safe, comfortable space in my studio where young actors can smile freely, get creative, express themselves, and show what they’ve got! I have a degree in education (I love kids!), and while I don’t teach at a school anymore (I chose to stay home and raise my own kiddos!), I still truly enjoy getting to know kids, seeing their potential, and encouraging them to be who they are meant to be!
In my studio, we laugh, dance, and play to make sure we can get the best looks for those playful characters they will be auditioning for. Showing your child in play, dance or movement can help casting directors imagine your child in the role. For serious photos, we keep a warmness and approachability in order to still connect deeply with casting directors right away. We listen to music and make sure we have lots of fun.
I have set up my packages in a very unique way that parents love – I know how fast kids are growing and casting directors need a headshot that is up to date. Check out the options at http://eldeenannette.com
I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for supporting your young actor.  Helping kids see their dreams is a passion of mine, too!
~Eldeen Annette

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